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Ok, prior to being 18 I always had a very irregular period so when I turned 18 (1998) I started Ortho Tri-cyclen (regular strength) just to get my period regular (I was still a virgin when I started). I was on Ortho reg. for 6 years (during which time I lost my virginity) and decided after breaking up with my last bf, I would come off the pill to see if I was regular at all. And I wasn't. Far from it. So two years later (26 months later to be exact - during which time I had only 12 periods varying in how long they lasted) I got really annoyed with my irregularity and had started seeing a new guy so I decided I'd go back on the pill. This time my doctor prescribed Ortho Lo. I started it on Tuesday July 18th (was still on my period after 3.5 weeks) and my period didn't stop until July 27th (3rd pill of the 2nd row). My bf and I had sex for the first time on July 28th during which time the condom fell off inside me but we didn't know it until he pulled out just before cumming (and then had to get the condom out of me).

Now yesterday I've noticed some light spotting (light brown blood) and now today have a very light flow of blood. Why would I be having my period when I'm just about to start my third week of the pill? I know I've just started the Ortho Lo pill but when I started the Ortho regular I never had this problem. My biggest concern is what happens if I got pregnant when the condom fell off and I'm still taking the pill? Is this normal for the first month of taking Ortho Lo?

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