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Aug 22, 2006

I also have been taking the Depro Provera shots for about 3 years now...It has been great for me, i am not taking it for birth control...I have a bleeding disorder REAL BAD...nothing worked..then finally i asked for the shot and it stopped...I was bleeding for about a month straight, non-stop, told that i needed a transfusion, and thank goodness the shot came through for me...Yes i realize that i might be having moods from the shots or because of me going into menapause...I have been period free for about a whole 2 years and another problem is the weight gain...yes i have gained over 30 pounds, but what i went through with the mennorah and the endomistists i will accept the weight compared to what i went through...Although the doctor said that i will be 54 next year and have to come off, cause i will have to check to see if i am in menapause...I am scared to death, but we will it works for some and not for others...As i have heard and read,,,do your research and study and make sure it is right for you..i didn't know until i tried it and i am glad i did...

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