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Hello there :wave:

so heres the deal--

I was on Yaz for a few weeks and I was so depressed i had to stop taking it. So I stopped before I had another substitute so I missed a few days of the pill. During those few days before I got another pill I got my period! The second day of this second period I got another pill--Junel fe 1/20, which has been find despite some sore breasts and occasional morning sickness, haha it actually increased my sex drive. But anyway, my period only lasted a few days, 4 at most.

But my question is, since I skipped some pills before I started on Junel will I have to wait the entire cycle before I can go without using another means of birth control?? Cause I did get my period again and I started almost immediately on junel once I got it..hmm confusing. But thanks in advance :p

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