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[QUOTE=jen52983]Hey All,
Right now I'm on Yasmin and I really like it. It's helped me TREMENDOUSLY with cramps and mood swings. But... its really expensive. So that is why I'm considering the switch.

My question is..
Is there another BC that is specific to help with mood swings and depression? I believe YAZ is a generic form of Yasmin, is that true? Would it help with the same things (depression, and moodiness)?

I know, I should be asking my gyno right?!!? That's the next step.. then gotta see if anything is covered by my insurance. *sigh*

Thanks for any input![/QUOTE]

All birth control pills have the potential to control mood swings and depression. Likewise, all birth contol pills have the potential to cause mood swings and depression. It's a trial and error process to find a hormone or combination of hormones that works best for you.

YAZ is NOT a generic for Yasmin, but is another brand-name drug made by the same company that manufactures Yasmin. It's very similar to Yasmin, but it won't be any cheaper.

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