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I am currently on Yasmin and really liked it, but I have dealt with mild depression/mood swings/anxiety and I don't know if they are related at all, but I am thinking about switching just in case. Before the pill, I would go sometimes 8 months without a period and I would get very sick during each period and throw up a lot. Luckily I never got bad cramps, but the throwing up got pretty bad and it was never good not knowing when to expect my period. Yasmin helps so much with this and I don't get cramps and I only get a tiny stomach ache, which Advil can help with. Sometimes I am very tired, but I think that is just from my lifestyle and not enough sleep. I have a low self esteem and struggle with my confidence in that I am very hard on myself and a perfectionist, and I get depressed sometimes and recently have been dealing with anxiety. I get nervous a lot for no reason and sometimes feel like there is pressure on my throat, making it harder to breathe. I have been on the pill for years so I don't know if this would cause it so much later.

I want to go on another combination pill (Yasmin is) and I Know Yaz is. I like how they are 99.9% accurate, and I was not interested in Ortho Tri Cyclen b/c every now and then I like to skip a period and didn't think I could do that with one where each pill didn't have the same dosage. I don't want to go on Seasonale though.. I wouldn't want to go THAT long without periods.. I just do it for when I go on vacation or something like that and skip the placebo pills or delay it a week. This is safe to do with Yasmin.

I just want to be able to relax and be HAPPY and not so moody!! I really don't want to get off the pill and enjoy the good side effects it gives me. I think Yasmin helped with my skin. I get occasional breakouts but it used to be so oily that I wasn't able to control it. Now it's combination/normal and easier to deal with.

Has anyone tried both Yaz and Yasmin and have any differences they see besides shorter periods? Mine is about 5 days with 1 skipping in the middle with Yasmin.

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