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hey- i wanted to get my periods on schedule so my gyno gave me 3months of YAZ-( low dose yasmin) to try. anyways for the first week of my first month i was fine, then i started bleeding/spotting/breakthrough bleeding troughought the whole month. and i noticed also after sex it would increase. i ended up bleeding all the second month too, and i had had enough, it really prevented pregnancy because i really didnt feel comfortable havng sex or fooling around when i was bleeding or new i might bleed during it. anyways i went back to my gyno and she said it just was not strong engouh to get me back on track, so now im on a much stronger pill for a few months to get right. anyways i noticed you were on a lower dose and though idshare my experience with super low dose aswell. im not sure how long youve beenb on ortho lo or if you missed any pills/took them late/ got sick etc.I also had to give in becasue i began to get very tired and weak because of the major increase in blood loss(anemia). when it came time for my withdraw bleed and the week leading up to it, i would bleed crazzzzzy heavy and cramp.
so keep an eye on it, and if it starts to interfere with your life, then stop and switch or something because its not worth it- there are other options and pills to try. gotta listen to your body and i think bleeding when your not suppost to be should be watched ( aside from a little spotting which is normal the first month or two)

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