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About a year ago I started on Ortho Evra patch, and in the first 3 months of having it I put on about 10-15lbs, so my doctor switched me to Ortho Tri-Cyclen-Lo. The weight went back to normal, but my sex drive disappeared. I'm in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend, so I rarely get to see him and then when we're together, I never want to have sex. So I talked to my doctor today about switching to something that might make me want to have sex again. I haven't yet gotten my prescription, I am going to call back when I make up my mind, but she highly recommended NuvaRing. The other option she gave me was Loestrin Fe 1/20, or one of the generic brands for it. Has anyone ever used any of the generic brands for Loestrin Fe 1/20? They are Junel Fe1/20 and Microgestin Fe 1/20. And also has anyone had the same experiences w/ me with the Ortho Evra and Ortho Tri Cyclen-Lo? I am trying to figure out what will be the best for me, I can not gain weight, but I'd really like to actually WANT to have sex!! ;) Please leave anything! It will all help in my decision making process.
I had similar effects with Ortho Tri Cyclen (not Lo) with loss of sex drive. And I know several people who have gained weight on various forms. But I have heard *tons* of good feedback about the Ring. Even die hard pill fans are beginning to switch because it's so liked....and I haven't heard major negative side effects like with the Shot or Patch. I can't help you any with the Loestrin, though.
I started out on Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo about 4 years ago. I didn't really like it due to a few side effects, so I switched to Nuva Ring. I had that for about 6 months and switched back due to low sex drive, and It made me have discharge. I switched back to the OTC Lo, and was on that for 6 months up until recently. I had the worst symptoms on it. Weight gain (10-15lbs, depression, cup size increse, moodiness, VERY low sex drive). I just got back from my exam today and I was put on Microgestin Fe (Loestrin Fe), which is a lower dose so it should help with those side effects. GL with whatever you choose, its kinda a hit and miss process I think lol. :P

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