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I have been on BC pills for the last 4 years now. I take them religiously everyday... never missing a pill, never taking it late. I have had sex in the last month. I never have had "break through bleeding" before.

But I went to the bathroom a little ago, and I was bleeding a little bit. I'm in the middle of my pill back on day 15.

Could this be a sign I might be pregnant?

Thanks in advance!
There are a few possible explanations. One is have you been under a lot of stress lately? That effects the pill. Two, have you started taking any herbs? I think St.John's Wort can affect the pill as well. Lastly, did you get a generic pill pack this month?

Keep us posted!
Stress is a BIG BIG BIG yes. Between college, friends, and boyfriend/friend/relationship stress... it's been a difficult last 3 weeks or so. I did think of this, but I've been under lots of stress before and it hasn't happened.

I haven't started taking any herbs.

The last question- is a no also. I've been taking Yasmin since August.

I think it's probably just the stress. I've been staying up late doing homework and projects.. and when I actually do get to sleep- it isn't very good. I have always had problems sleeping but all the relationship stuff I'm dealing with right now doesn't help the sleeping. But that is a whole other situation!

Thanks for the reply though... I guess I'll see what happens in about a week when I am suppose to get my period!

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