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hi all. i've got some questions for you guys. this is long, i'm trying to give some backround info. sorry!

i decided to take a break from the birth control while i was recovering from my surgery that i had on aug. 31st. i took my nuvaring out that day because it was thought to be the culprit of my pain (turned out to be my appendix :rolleyes:).

i got my period on sept. 3rd, then again on oct. 3rd, both of these while off the birth control.
on the oct. 3rd period, i decided to insert a new nuvaring (i still had one left from the samples my dr. gave me), since that's what the nuvaring site says to do (insert it on the first day of your period). the morning after i inserted it, i got extremely sick. throwing up, and just feeling like crap. so i took it out.. and by the evening, i was fine, so we knew it was the nuvaring that had to have made me ill.. despite my dr's. nurse telling me that she highly doubted this was the case.

anyway. my boyfriend & i have had protected (using a condom) sex probably.. 4 times since the beginning of october (we're not very active anyway, but being off of bc completely is freaking me out about pregnancy). i was supposed to get my period on oct. 31st, but it hasn't come yet. i've always been irregular with my periods (while off bc), but back then, i had NO reason to worry about being pregnant, you know? so i took a pregnancy test on the 3rd, and it came back negative. think i should take another one?

so since i'm so freaked out about getting pregnant, i've decided to go back on the nuvaring. if i get the bad side effects, i'll just have to stick through them i guess. i called my dr. and they called me in a perscription. they told me to start it on the sunday after my period starts, and to use a back up method for the first month of use (:eek: does is really take that long to work?!). i thought this sounded weird, so i went online and read, and on the nuvaring site, it says (if you haven't been on any bc in the past month) if you start it on the first day of your period, it's effective immediately, and if you start it on days 2-5, to use a back up method for a week. it also says the same thing on the insert that came with the perscription.. i'm so confused!

but what i'm wondering is this, how many of you have just started the ring at anytime? like i said, i've always been irregular, and i don't think i'm pregnant.. i just don't know WHEN i'm going to get a period! in the past, i've gone as long as 5 months between periods. i personally don't want to wait THAT long to start the ring again.. so i'm wondering if i just insert it say, this sunday, and use a back up protection for a whole month, will i be fine? i know i should call my dr. about this, but it's bugging me, and it's the weekend, so i figured i'd try to get some opinions here before calling on monday. any info./advice would be appreciated! thanks!

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