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I think that before you decide to take any BC pills, you should do a comprehensive search on the internet for "birth control side effects" and specifically look at forums such as these, where women share their experiences while on the pill.

The pill is not a good option if the only reason why you're taking it is for menstrual problems. If you want to use it as a contraceptive....well, i still wouldn't reccommend it. I would not reccommend it to anyone. I personally wouldn't reccommend any hormonal birth control option to anyone for any reason, and that's due to my own personal experience, as well as my comprehensive search on the internet for others' experiences as well as clinical research regarding use of the pill and its side effects.

Some of the side effects are just bothersome or annoying, but you have to ask yourself whether you want to be bothered and annoyed such as the breakthrough bleeding, spotting and yeast infections that never clear up. Some of them are just deal breakers like the hair loss, weight gain depression, anxiety, moodiness, and killing the sex drive thing. But others are quite deadly like the bloot clots, strokes and other such problems. You just have to ask yourself whether you want to put up with that kind of stuff just for the sake of masking your true menstrual problems with the pill.

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