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All hormonal birth control pills can cause or exacerbate depression in certain women. This was definitely the case with me. I have a history of depression & eating disorders (this problem has been under control for many years now & I'm off antidepressants), but the depression I got on the pill was quite severe. It was different from the depression I had experienced pre-pill, but it was depression nonetheless. I'd wake up daily feeling this close to tears. I got super moody and anxious, even having panic attacks (no history of panic attacks pre-pill). I was crying daily and having severe mood swings all the time. I knew it wasn't normal at all. I had these problems on Ortho-lo, Ovcon35 (especially bad on Ovcon), Loestrin & Yasmin. Finally gave up on hormonal birth control. It was turning me psycho. I felt much better and more stable mood-wise just a month or 2 after I stopped the pill. No more hormones for me, thank you. I'm convinced if I hadn't stopped the pill when I did, I would have become suicidal again.

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