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Well, on most forms of the pill, I did OK, if you consider low libido and breakthrough bleeding minor troubles. I was fine until my pill was switched to Ovcon35...also at this time I quit taking antidepressants which I had taken my entire time on the pill--I gained 20 lb. of water weight in 1 month, it was a nightmare. The pill works by tricking your body into thinking it's pregnant, and suddenly, I had many symptoms of pregnancy--water retention, hard, bulgy area over my uterus, extreme craving for milk (which I hate the taste of), moodiness, anxiety, depression, zero sex drive, feeling that all the cells of my body were pushing outward. I was convinced I was pregnant but I was NOT. The only positive was light periods.

So I quit the pill 7 months ago. Many of these symptoms have reversed with the exception of the water retetion--I've lost about 10 lb. but am still quite swollen.

But now, I've been off the pill 7 months and my periods STILL are not normal. I ovulate every month (doing FAM) but my periods are extremely light, like pill periods, not like real periods at all. I'm not TTC right now, will be in about a year, but I'm wondering if these super-light periods may cause a problem in the future for TTC--like the lining isn't rich enough for implantation to occur. In addition, first off the pill, I had extremely short luteal phases--8 days long. Most fertility docs like to see it at least 10 days if not 14. They have gradually gotten longer--to 14 days last cycle, but it's slow going. I feel like my body STILL is not normal. What a nightmare.

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