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I take 1000 mg of Vitex daily, all through my cycle. If you're TTC, you should stop it if you become pregnant but it is OK to take throughout the LP until you get a pos. on a pregnancy test, in fact, it may help by lengthening the LP. It is fine to start it mid-cycle, I started mid-cycle and think it helped bring on O much quicker. Did you buy the pills or the tincture? I've heard the tincture tastes awful but it works too. The pills aren't that great but I'm sure better than the tincture. I take 2 500 mg pills in the morning. Supposedly, it's best to take it in the morning.

It is actually fine to take Vitex while on your period. It's actually a long-acting herb and is best to build up in your system. It's supposed to work best after 3-6 months, but I did have some success quite quickly and so have others on other boards I've been on. I've had no side effects on it, and I feel it has drastically lessened my cramps during my period and made my PMS moodiness much better. My luteal phase has also been increasing since quitting the pill and I don't know if Vitex is helping it along or it's just time off the pill (maybe both). My LP has gone from 8 days first cycle to 15 days last cycle (increases a day or 2 each cycle). This is great for me since I'm doing FAM to avoid pregnancy--a longer LP means more days for sex without protection :) Vitex moved up my O date from beyond CD 20 to first CD 17 then CD 13.

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