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I too am 19 years old and have been suffering from severe acne for years. I've tried just about everything. Differen, Zoderm gels, zoderm cleansers, erycette pads, doxycycline, tetracycline, you name it. i do get temporary results, but the topical medications require a ton of maintenance. Also, even when i do have "clear" skin, my face is red or oily or dry, or shockingly--both at once. the oral medication has pretty much stopped having any effect since ive been on it (Doxy) for almost 3 years. I do not want to take Acutane, becuase I am afraid of severe side effects. My dermotologist said it was an option, but not necessary since while i have "florid" acne, it is "superficial" and not deep cystic acne (which is what Acutane usually treated).
I went to a gyn recently since i had irregular periods and thought there would be a connection with my skin. She perscribed Yaz birth control and said my acne would really clear up. So far i have been on the pill for over a month and see no change whatsoever. Ive been told that it takes 2-3 months for your body to adjust, but I know of people who have seen results after days.
Does anyone have any advice? Has anyone been on Yaz (this is NOT Yasmin) for the treatment of acne? did it help?

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