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Thanks for asking! I'll try to be as helpful as I can, because, as you said, I'm always in support of women going off the pill.

I was on a variety of different brands over the last 15 years. I quit last year and took my last pill on the last week of June. My first week off the pill, and the week of my last withdrawal bleed, was the first week of July.

My first real period came exactly 28 days later. I've read that this is uncommon, because a large majority of women I've encountered online have said they didn't have a period for a really long time after quitting. So I'd like to tell you not to worry if that happens because it's very common. So my first one was 28 days later and I had literally NO cramps! It was so great! I really hoped that my periods would always be this pain free!

Well, it didnt' last, but my cramps haven't really been much worse than what they were on the pill, I mean same thing, really not much of a difference.

The side effects I experienced in the first 2 or 3 months when I first quit are the following: Daily headaches, cramps (felt like regular cramps), frequent hot flashes (which I still get sometimes and that sucks), I broke out in acne on my upper and lower back, and a little bit on my face but not too bad. I was also frequently tired and felt like I needed more rest.

The 3 weeks before I quit my pill, I started taking B-Complex, Omega 3-6-9, Magnesium Citrate and Vitex every day. I think it helped the transition because I didn't have any problems with moodiness and depression like some women have reported when they quit the pill.

One thing I will tell you is that my sister quit the pill at the same time. She started having very heavy periods her first period off the pill, and subsequently they got more heavy and more painful. She found out from her new gynecologist that she had polyps, many polyps, that had to be removed. It was actually a really easy surgery and she's glad she had it done because her periods have been more normal now and although they last about a week, they're not nearly as unmainigable as they used to be.

As for me, I've had 8 normal periods since quitting the pill. The more times my body actually ovulates for real and I have a real period (instead of a drug induced bleed due to withdrawal), I can feel myself returning more and more to normal.

There are any number of side effects that can occur when you quit the pill. I always tell women to expect anything but don't get worried. Because it's very common to have some weird detox symptoms, particularly if you've been on a long time like I was. I found that supplementing with the extra vitamins really helped me a lot. I reccommend it very highly.

For me, and for so many other women I've encountered online, it has been such a blessing to quit the pill. I mean for the first time in a very long time, I'm actually enjoying having sex with my boyfriend again! Speaking of which, we use condoms and I'm using FAM for my contraception. FAM is when you track your daily temps and check your cervical mucus for ovulation. You can learn about it by buying a book called "Taking Charge of Your Fertility". That book gave me so much hope for my future without hormonal birth control, and it helped me realize that I can be majorly in control of my body and understand it better if I just took the time to pay attention.

I hope this helps answer your questions. Don't hesistate to ask additional questions if you have them, because I am happy to help yet another woman to quit taking the pill!

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