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Feb 11, 2007
Hi I am new here my name is Lindsay :) I had a daughter in 2004 and I had paraguard IUD till june 06. Since then I used NFP/FAM as my birth control and was very happy with that. I decided (for my then BF) i would give nuvaring a try. Well I got my period last monday and was told to insert it when I got my period. OK so i did that bled all day on monday. And then the bleeding stopped,tiredness began ,some breast tenderness/fullness and peeing a lot. Im not pregnant I am not worried about that. I am stressed out so I know it could be that but I was wondering if anyone else had these symptoms right away and what would make my period just stop after one day? Its driving me nuts. I used yaz for a little bit but it made me bleed for over a month (that was in may 06) so I quit that. I just think my body isnt made for birth control and I am completly comfortable with NFP and I did it for 9 months so there is no reason I cannot go back. Im single now too so its not like im having sex I just thought I would give it a shot. The only good thing is my acne cleared up some? Any ideas?

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