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All hormonal birth control has the potential to cause moodiness, anxiety & depression. I did do better on an older triphasic pill (ortho-novum 7/7/7) than the newer low dose pills though which made me practically suicidal. Things weren't great on ON-777 but better than they were on Yasmin, Loestrin, ortho-tricyclen lo and the like, so you might try that. I think the low dose pills throw off the ratio of progesterone/estrogen more than the older triphasic pills. You could also try the mini-pill if it is the estrogen in birth control causing your problems.

Personally, I feel ALL hormonal birth control can cause mood problems, which is why I'm completely off BCPs. Are there any alternative treatments your doc can suggest for your condition if it's caused by endometriosis? Acupuncture is also supposed to help if you want to go for an alternative approach.

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