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I've finally quit
Mar 15, 2007
I've been reading these boards for quite some time...and the posts about stopping the Pill really helped me make a final decision on something I was very much on the fence about.
I'm 33, almost 34, have one five year old daughter ( who's the love of my life, yet has always been challenging to say the least ) and my husband and I have no desire for any more children. He is going to get a vasectomy at the end of the year. However, I already quit taking my pill. I was currently on Kariva, but I've been on so many brands, too many to count. I always blamed it on the brand and not just the Pill itself.
I have always suffered from depression ( it worsened after childbirth ) and some other health issues. Now I'm starting to realize that a lot of my issues might have been caused by my bc. My doctor says no, but I disagree. On bc I was moody, irritable, mean to family, sometimes my husband and daughter got on my nerves so badly, I just had to leave. I had headache and terrible fatigue. Sometimes I had to fight just to get out of bed...but had to because of my job...or to take care of my child. The Pill actually caused my face to break out, I NEVER struggled with acne as a teen. The Pill caused breakthrough bleeding and cramping througout my cycle. Sometimes I had very heavy, clumpy periods. And worse of all, I'm ALWAYS about 15 pounds heavier than I should be for my age and height. And I ALWAYS watch what I eat. We don't buy junkfood and for the past two months ( after the holidays ) I've eaten only 1400 cals a day and have been walking, only to find that I GAINED 4 pounds. My fingers and legs and ankles are always puffy. sometimes even my neck seems to be puffy. One day my pants fit, two days later, they won't button...even if no change in my diet. I do not like salty foods, so I don't eat them. I drink tons of water because it's always been my choice of beverage. And it's the only thing we are allowed to drink while at work.'s gotta be the bc, right?
So, I finally quit last Sunday, I was supposed to begin a new pack, but didn't.
My husband and I have decided to use condoms until he's "fixed." This seems to be allright by both of us.
Anyway, my mood has ALREADY improved, my sleeping has improved, my skin has improved, I'm not as hungry and I feel more energetic during the day!
But this weight just won't budge! I KNOW it's water weight because you can make a "dent" in my puffy ankles. Help! How long does it take for this water rentetion to go away! I'm still drinking tons of water and watching my diet...still no results. I thought my clothes would fit better by now...but even my watch was feeling tight today. Ugh! I realize this isn't a "magic" way to drop pounds...but I just very much feel bloated, like it's not fat, but water. And I feel like fat would be responding to my drop in calories and exercise.
How long til I"m feeling normal again?

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