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Any BC will effect everyone differently. Just wanted to start by saying that.

I am currently on Yasmin. I chose this specific pill because it is suppose to work with your body's natural hormones and balance you out when you're pmsing. I experienced horrible mood swings and depression before Yasmin. Not to mention cripplig cramps. Those were my 3 worst normal PMS symptoms.

Yasmin rid me of those 3 things and more. Basically all my pms symptoms improved; no bloating, less sugar cravings, clear skin, no body aches.. and most importantly, mild to no cramping, no mood swings and no more depression.

8/9 months later my moodiness seems to be coming back. Last month I experienced my "despression" for the first time since starting this pill. I believe that my body has just gotten use to the hormones, so they no longer have the same effect.

After reading posts on here, I've come to the conclusion that girls who experienced menstral depression BEFORE Yasmin found that it helped. And girls that DIDN'T have a problem with menstral depression did after using Yasmin.

So if you're sister-in-law hasn't had a problem depression or severe mood swings before using Yasmin.. then it is very possible that Yasmin has effected her negetively.

If you can, you should talk to her and ask her to compare her before and after self. If she didnt have a prior problem with mood swings and such, and just wants a BC to protect from pregnancy, then she may want to talk to her doctor about other brands.

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