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Hi everyone,

I'm new to this message board but I'm so glad that I found it--I have so many questions about Loestrin 24 Fe. My doctor just started me on it, and I'd never been on birth control before. I am sexually active and using condoms, so I'm really not concerned about pregnancy, but my doctor felt that my period was irregular and decided to try me on it.

My periods skip around different dates every month, but when it does come, it only lasts 5 days from start to finish--like clockwork. I got my period last Tuesday, and was expecting it to be finished on Saturday. I also started taking Loestrin 24 Fe last Tuesday. Well, unfortunately, I haven't stopped bleeding for a week. I think my period's over? But everytime it stops and I think it's all done, surprise surprise! There's blood. And not the brownish kind that indicates the lovely end to the period, it's fresh bright red (not cool).

I had no idea what this was, but through reading, I'm now realizing that it's the breakthrough bleeding (I dunno how this is a breakthrough, it sucks!). About how long does this last? I'm afraid to have sex with my boyfriend because I've never experienced this kind of spontaneous bleeding. I know it's supposed to *shorten* your period after a few cycles, but am I going to be bleeding daily for 5 months? I feel like I'm bleeding to death!

So here are my main questions:

--How long does it take for this spotting to stop? (I just started week 2 of my pack today)
--Can I still have sex even with the spotting?

Please help!

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