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My husband thinks I have lost my mind. My friends think I have lost my mind. Fortunately my husband is willing to humor me, and frankly I think it is great to give my friends such good humor on my behalf.

I have been married just short of 2 years. After getting married, I started reading a lot, and decided to drastically change a lot of aspects about my health. I eat virtually no processed foods, i drink basically only water, and when it is not water it is something naturally produced like juice (no soda, no alcohol), I have increased my exercise, etc. But everynight like clockwork, I pop a birth control pill in my mouth. A few months ago, I told my husband that I dont like doing things that are unnatural, and I wanted to go off BCP. But our alternatives did not seem good. I have no experience with condoms, but he does, and he told me that option was out, and then looking at my other options, I decided that sticking anything up inside me just did not seem to fit the moment at all, so those were out. And doing research on natural family planning that consists of daily checking your cervical mucus and basal temp seemed like a definate no, as I have no intentions of checking cervical mucus every day. Hopeless????

The other day I was not busy at work and surfing around, and somehow I came accross a product called Lady-Comp or the more advanced product called Baby-Comp. As my friends want to tell me, this is just a very over priced, overglorified thermometer, but I see it as more. It utilizes the philosophy of natural family planning or natural contraceptive (depending on your needs) and it is really a mini computer with fine tuned software to give you an easy to understand system of lights to let you know if when you are fertile and when you are infertile. Supposedly if you are using the Baby-Comp it will also tell you when to engage in sexual intercourse if you are wanting a boy or a girl, but that might be a bit of a stretch. It all sounds good to me, so I ordered myself one. I have not received it yet, but I am so excited about using it and being able to get off of BCP. I decided to finish my last cycle of BCP, as my ObGyn warned me to not stop mid cycle, so this coming Sunday will officially be my first day off of them.

I cannot testify for how well it works just yet, but search for the product online and you can read all the testimonials. Many of them are very promising, if that is a route you are trying to go.

Price is an issue though. I paid over $600 for mine. I could have gotten one $200 cheaper, but it would have been refurbished, and I could not decide how I felt about that, so i went new. The only way I could convince my husband was to show him that our insurance will not pay for the only brand of bcp's that don't make me sick, so I have to pay $55.99 every month on pills, and so in about a year, the device will pay for itself, as far as birth control is concerned.

The big drawback, however, is that it takes a 2-3 months for the machine to really get to know your cycle, so certain activities have to be carefully monitored during those times, but after that, it has a Pearl factor of 99.3 (The pill has a Pearl factor of 99.7), so I feel pretty confident about its validity.

I have a tendency to be way to long on my replies, so hope it has helped some.

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