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Im almost 21. I'v been on the birth control pill for nearly 2 years, changed twice. The last I was on for about 6 months, Dianette. I came off it after the usual 21 days on 2/21, got my withdrawal bleed, & decided not to go back on it (wanted 2 see if it was reason for my weight gain) So based on a 28 day cycle I should have got my period on 3/26 but obviously being on the pill may have thrown it off and I was never that regular, mostly ranged a 30-40 day cycle. Since last week I'v been gettin slight cramping, like period cramps but no period. I seem to be going to toilet more often & earlier today I found slight brown/pink stain on toilet tissue, not enough to stain my underwear. (sorry for graphic details!) Is this normal after coming off the pill? Or is it a sign that I could be pregnant? - implantation bleeding? Iív also been getting some heartburn. I know the symptoms I have are signs of pregnancy but I couldn't be gettin them this early could I? Its probably all coincidental but I need some reassurance, or advice! I had unprotected sex on 3/15 and 3/26 with my boyf of 2yrs.He withdrew before he came (I know that doesnt work as birth control!) I know I'm probably being paranoid but i need someone to tell me I am! If there is anyone that can help put my mind at ease it wud be greatly appreciated.

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