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Wow, sounds like you have the same problem as me. I was on OrthoTricyclen for a few years, then my doctor switched me to Ortho Lo. The whole year I was on it I would bleed during sex in that 3rd week of pills. My doctor switched me to Trinessa, which is another generic of regular OrthoTricyclen. I didn't really have any problems with Trinessa until recently. And I think it's because I switched around so much last summer. I was on Trinessa, then Yasmin for like two months then back to Trinessa and I think my hormones are just completely messed up. I'm currently off of birth control and trying to see if everything goes back to normal.

So it may benefit you to try Trinessa. I've seen some other posts about a lot of breakthrough bleeding from Tri-Sprintec.

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