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I was on LoEstrin24 and didn't gain any weight, or if I did it was minimal. However, I was having a lot of breakthrough bleeding (basically like my period twice a month) and my dr thought it best for me to try something else. I have been on OrthoTricyclen for a year now and have gained about 10lbs, but no break through bleeding. However, I get EXTREMELY bloated I practically look like I am pregnant. I will be seeing a new GYN in two weeks and I will talk to him about my pill issue. I am interested on going on Yaz or Yasmine because of the dirutic.
i was on loestrin24 for 3 months and then i switched to junel fe 1/20, which is the generic version of loestrin20. the difference between junel and loestrin24 is that junel has a whole weeks worth of the placebo pills rather than just the 4 iron pills that loestrin24 had. i'm almost done with my 1st month of junel and i still haven't had a menstrual cycle but my weight is no longer a problem.

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