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Re: Depo-Provera??
Jun 20, 2007
[QUOTE=flyinggrace;3054891]Okay this has got me alittle worried, im 18 and ive only had the shot twice. I havent had any real problems except moodiness. Im not breaking out nor am I gaining weight. But everyones post has got me freaked. Not to mention im alittle worried because, I was late getting my shot this last time and I didnt realize it and Had sex. Then I started being tired/sleepy all the time, Im eating like crazy and my breast are tender. So I took 4 home preg. test and they all came up Negative. SO then I went to the doctor and theres came up negative to, and the pelvic exam showed that my cervix? wasnt expanding. But I still have all these symptoms that seem pregnancy related. The Doctor said that Depro Wouldnt hurt the baby if I was pregnant, so i took the shot. The Symptoms are still here. Im not sure whats up with my body :confused:.

After reading these posts im thinken about not
getting the shot again. does anyone know any
good birthcontrol pills/shots/ or some other kind
that they would recommend?

Thankkks so much,:wave:

I personally would recommend ANY other method of birth control over Depo! Depo was my biggest mistake. I was on it for 2 years and it screwed me up so bad. You can search my previous posts if you want details. It gets tiring typing it out all the time. Anyway......most likely, you are not pregnant. When I was on Depo, I had many times that I felt pregnant, but was not. Heck, I couldn't even get pregnant after I stopped it. So, for me......pregnancy didn't come easily after I used Depo. You could be different, but if you've had 4 tests come up negative, chances are that you are not. Good luck...........and I would seriously consider another method of birth control. I can't really offer you advice as to what bcp would be best, cause I refuse to take any birth control after my experience with Depo.

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