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BC and antibiotics
Jun 30, 2007
I just joined here, because I can't find that much information on the internet and I thought maybe someone here had experienced this or knows anything about it.

I've been on Yaz for almost a year now. It has made my period absolutely consistent, making me start my period on the last Saturday of the pack at about 10 am. Seriously, it's even down to the same time.

Today was the last Saturday of the pack, and I haven't even experienced any cramps, and it's almost 7:30 pm here. I haven't started, and it's really weird.

I was sick for a good week with bronchitis and pharyngitis, and was prescribed antibiotics that I took for a solid week. I know that antibiotics can lower the effectiveness of BC, but I don't have sex, so that's not a worry. I was just wondering if antibiotics could also make your period late, even when on the pill. That's really the only thing I could think of, besides that I haven't eaten that much lately, as I've been sick. But, I was under the impression that being on birth control would cause my period to come regularly even under those factors that generally cause missed periods when not on BC.

Has anyone experienced their period being late while on BC? Thanks.

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