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I'm new to the board. Read a lot after problems. I'm 30, and started my first pack of Yaz. Started with my first period, thought wow- 2 lite days and done. Then the spotting, then after a couple days heavier spotting and breakthrough bleeding, I missed a pill and the breakthru bleeding started and has continued for about a week and am now on the thrid day of "take the aleve and ibuprofen mix before they hit and I'm immobilized" about every three hours. Have only had cramps this bad a couple times in my life. Last night I put the pack in the drawer after noticing a large portion of internal tissue had been passed- never done that before.
I'm noticing the sides- bursts of energy and fatigue, deep acne (just one), slightly emotional, slightly depressed, no lebido- but with the cramps & bleeding I think I'm distracted, no tenderness, I'm keeping up with guys on eating though.
I am trying to get hold of my doctor today.
Been on ortho novum back in the day, ortho tri-cyclen, haven't taken BC for about 7 years. This is the first time I've ever had problems, THIS IS NOT WORTH IT. It's as if all the symptoms I was trying to reduce built up 1 years worth and slammed it on my body.
This cannot be healthy!
Any advice? Any one have the tissue issue. (not supposed to rhyme)

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