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i've been on ortho tri-cyclen lo since it came out in 2002 (was on ortho cyclen before that). compared to ortho cyclen, tri-cyclen lo has definitely made me cry less (it was only a matter of time before the tears started rolling when i would go out an drink). but what i wonder is if something out there isn't better. i feel tired, have headaches, am cranky, blood pressure fluctuates.
overall, tri-cyclen lo has done a great job of managing my period- i know each month when i get to the green "sugar" pills, i will start my period 2-3 days into them and end exactly when i start a new pack: clockwork! in addition, i can say i haven't gained any weight from taking tri-cyclen lo (did a little bit with ortho cyclen).
anyone have any experiences with yaz? i'm thinking about that one.

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