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I told her I wouldn't pressure her. She also seems to think that she will get fat if she takes it. She's really slim now, about 120 pounds and 5'5. She told me her butt and breasts would get bigger. Is it true that the pill makes a girl get bigger?
I wouldn't advise you two have unprotected sex the first month she's on the birth control..... just to let her body adjust to the new hormones. But after that, you should be fine. My fiance and I have been having sex for about a year now completely unprotected, except for birth control pills... and we haven't had any problems. I am pretty bad about remembering to take it at the same time, etc. every day also. I sometimes forget it all together, but still haven't ended up pregnant. (I wouldn't advise she be as careless as I am, but becoming pregnant would not be an issue for me right now). So after about the 1st month she's on it, you guys should be fine. And as far as the weight gain/ bigger breasts, etc. It shouldn't really happen. Apparently gaining weight is not actually a common thing on birth control. Some women even lose weight. Anything more than just a few (3-5) pounds of weight gain can probablly be attributed to something other than the birth control!

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