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Hi Everyone,

I recently went to my dermatologist who suggested that I switch my current BC pill (desogen) to either Yaz or Yasmin. I noticed on the websites of each that Yasmin has 21 active pills and Yaz has 24 active pills. I've read quite a bit on both and I'm really freaked out about the side effects!

I have moderate acne...which definitely gets worse during the week of my period. I also get horrible headaches for that week that I'm on the placebo pills...aka the week of my the point where I lose my appetite and need to just lie down and sleep to get away from the pain of the headache.

Other than the acne and the headaches, that's the only thing that I've experienced being on the pill...I've never gotten pregnant, never had any spotting, my periods are always regular and quite short and I really don't get bad cramps. As far as mood swings go, I do get them but I'm not sure if its a period thing or something else.

My concern/question is: Because I've had such good luck with no really severe symptoms on my current pill (except for the headaches which may just be menstrual because I'm not getting the steady flow of hormones) I'm a bit freaked out about changing to either Yaz or Yasmin..and if I do decide...which one should I go for?

The only thing at this point that I'm thinking may make me lean a bit more towards Yaz is the fact that there are 3 extra days one is taking an active pill...therefore perhaps less chance of a crazy migrane?

Please help! I would love to hear what everyone else thinks!

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