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Re: How likely?
Aug 28, 2007
Hey! Hope I can be of some help! You are "at risk", as technically you weren't on the pill for two weeks. When did you STOP taking the pills? The one thing I am thinking is that if you waited until a pack was finished and stopped taking them for two weeks beginning then, then you may be at a higher risk. When you stop taking the active pills of a regular pack (some move onto the placebos or sugar pills, but some just have a week off of all pills), you usually go 3-4 days before to begin your period. The first day of your period is technically Day 1 of your cycle. Day 14 is when you "would" ovulate. I put would in " because if you're on birth control, hormones are put into your system telling your body not to ovulate. If you ended one pack of pills, and then had your period, and then still waited before starting a new pack, your body may have ovulated, thus resulting in a situation where you could get pregnant.
Re: How likely?
Aug 28, 2007 not sure i understood much of that, but looking at the bc pills i finished my first 2 weeks of the pack, stopped taking them and waited 2 weeks then finished the 3rd week of the same pack and now i am just taking the sugar pills. i have the 28 day ones and i start the first pill of the week on a sunday.

so it was all in all the same pack... basically i took a 4 week pack in 6 weeks.
if i were to divid it up it would be like i took week 1, took week 2 then break week 1 breakweek 2,then week 3 week 4.

i hope that didnt just confuse you.

so if your saying that the first ovulation day is the first day of my period, which would have been last month, and ovulation is up to 14 days, thats 2 weeks after your period & i took the bc for 2 weeks following my previous cycle (starting a new pack).

i appreciate your response... :)

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