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Hey! I hope I can help you out! Personally, I have been on three types of female birth control. I began on Alesse - this is a monophastic pill, so the same level of hormones is in every single pill. I found myself getting cranky, migraines, very sore breasts and just overly didn't feel well after about a year on it. I then switched to Ortho-Tricyclen and things went great! This kind is a triphastic, so for each week of "active" pills, there are different levels of hormones, so it simulates the most "natural" cycle (both side effects and hormonal).

I was running out of my annual perscription and was not scheduled for a couple months to go in for an annual pap, so I went to the local walk in clinic and brought up that I had heard about the NuvaRing. I thought I might as well give it a shot, so I was on it for the two months before I could go in for my pap. It's a great little mechanism if you might tend to forget to take a pill daily. Its a flexible kind of plastic type (more silicon-y) ring that fits around your cervix. Most people can't feel it but on my second month, my boyfriend could feel it during sex and I didn't want to fumble around with it. I think I dismissed this type of birth control prematurely because of this ONE month. I went back to Ortho Tricyclen and its been going well!

The IUD is basically this little thing that doctors will inset through your cervix and into your uterus. To me, its a very invasive form of birth control and for retrieval a tiny string hangs down out of your cervix which you may or may not be able to feel. Sexual partners are usually the ones who notice it (feeling wise). The Depro shot comes with a bit of controversy. There have been studies that correlate it with a loss of bone density, so again, the cons may outweight the pros. You might want to try to research the Todays Sponge. I have a few girlfriends who use this and think its great! However, its more like a condom and needs to be used when you know you're going to have sex - so the spontaneity, especially that newly wed stuff, is void..

So, I think I would research a the types of birth control pills. If you already get breast tenderness, migraines etc during your PMS phase, a type with minimal hormones might work best - look up Ortho-Tricyclen Lo or even Mini Pills (POPs). These mini pills don't have estrogen and the side effects common with other pills only happen rarely with these!

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