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So I've switched off of both Kariva (Mircette) and Tri-Sprintec (OrthoTriCyclen) and my doctor prescribed Aviane for me. I originally wanted to take Alesse (yes I know Aviane is the generic) but the pharmacy was out and I needed to get 3 months worth before leaving to go back to college. So I'm going to start Aviane in a few days (after my period) and was wondering if they really work the same.

I heard a lot of good things about Alesse but bad things about Aviane... ?? My doctor told me they're exactly the same and that's why she gave them to me. Are any of you ladies experiencing really good stuff with one or the other?

Thank you
This is what I take and I haven't noticed a difference in them. I had always taken Aleese because of my mail-in prescription program. They didn't have the generic version yet, so I got the name brand at the generic cost...I was paying $20 for a 3 month supply. Then they got the generic version and the name brand Aleese was costing me $50 for a 3 month supply. I opted to give the generics a try and they seemed to work just as well. If you do have any problems when switching, give it a month or two to work. If you still have problems, then I would give the doctor a call.

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