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Re: Yasmin or Yaz?
Oct 4, 2007
sorry for the late reply-
I've taken both Yasmin and Yaz. I was on Yasmin for months and was pretty happy with it. My periods are still a bit heavy and long but I have yet to find a pill that makes that better for me. I switched for yaz simply because my gyno had free samples and wasn't getting any more free samples of Yasmin and my health insurance runs up really soon.
as soon as i was on yaz i had terrible mood swings (although, i wouldn't even call them mood swings, it seemed i was ALWAYS in a bad mood), and breakthrough bleeding that lasted a good three weeks- until I went back on the Yasmin. Since I was happy with the Yasmin to begin with I didn't think a whole lot about switching back, I definitely didn't want to wait 3 months to get used to yaz, which is how long my doctor said it could take. If anything the toll the moodiness was taking on my relationship was not worth it.
On Yasmin I dont get cramps at all, my face is pretty clear, everything is pretty good- its just expensive (though i'd assume yaz is the same) and my periods are still long and heavy... but its something I've learned that I just have to deal with.
Re: Yasmin or Yaz?
Oct 20, 2007
I've been on Yasmin since last September but have never been on Yaz. I haven't had any problems with weight gain, breakthrough bleeding, cramping or yeast infections, and its cleared up my acne. My only complaint with the Yasmin is anxiety attacks.


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