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The thing is, you have to give it time after you quit. It took me about 4-6 months after quitting to really start feeling normal again, and since then (it's been over a year for me), I have been so relieved to not be on the pill anymore! I mean, my moods are so much better, my periods are less heavy, and I have virtually no cramps! But when I was on the pill, my moods were all over the place, I had such heavy bleeding that I was going nuts, and the cramps were so bad, I had to miss work every month for the first 3 days of my period! The differences are incredible. And I mean, I'm not trying to be TMI or anything but I also noticed that my orgasms are ten times better when off the pill. For all of these reasons, I'm really glad I stuck it out during the withdrawal and stayed off.

I know some women really can't handle the withdrawal, so they go back on. I've read that a lot on these boards. But personally, I'd give it a few more months if I were you, just to try to see if you feel better. I mean, if you absolutely can't handle it anymore, then see what happens if you go back on. But I can tell you, having been on the pill for over 15 years, and finally quitting and getting that monkey off my back was the best decision I ever made, and I'll never take another birth control pill again, not for any reason. You couldn't pay me to take it again!!!

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