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how long can breakthrough bleeding last
That's really an impossible question to answer. There isn't any set time. Some women only have it for a day or two and others have it longer. It just depends on what brought it on in the first place, and how long it takes the body to readjust afterwards. If you find that it goes on for a really long time though, you should probably call your doctor and ask about switching pills. The ultra low dose pills that are out now cause a lot more breakthrough bleeding than the previous higher dose pills because the hormone level is too low.
When I first started Alesse (Sunday start), I bled from the beginning of that initial period (the Sunday), all the way through my first pack, and until the end of my inactive pill week. So about four and a half weeks straight of bleeding.

After the period, all was fine, no bleeding or anything. Now I'm waiting for my second period, as I just started my second inactive week.

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