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Is it true that some women who take bcp have less acne?

What brands give you less acne? And how long do you have to be on the pill for you to see these results?

I'm switching from a one hormone pill (micro orthonor), which gave me a lot of acne, to a 2 hormone pill (alesse). The doctor said alesse might decrease the amount of acne for me. But how long before I can see less acne?
When I went to my doctor for a bc rx, he gave me Alesse, though I asked for Ortho-Tricylen-Lo. He said he wanted me to try Alesse because of the bit of acne I have...acne, mind you, that does not bother me and I can cope with quite easily.

I am finishing my second pack, and let me tell you, the acne did NOT get better. It is far worse, with pimples that I never got before popping up all over the place (my problems before were always in reoccuring spots, and moreso blackheads than gigantic pimples). I will be making an appointment in the next month to switch to something else, as this silly pill is only causing me problems (along with the fact that I'm still ovulating...badly).

Having said all that, it works differently for everyone. I've heard of some women loving Alesse for it's acne-healing properties...but I've also known several women who had nothing but problems that worsened over time on this pill.
Ortho Tri-Cyclen the regular not the Lo version is the only thing that cleared my acne, I had big cystic pimples on my chin nose and forehead. I havent broken out like that in about a year, because of OTC. I tried the Lo version and my acne came back. This is what works for me, it could work for you it may not. What did not work for me was Desogen or Alesse. It took about 4 months to see much improvement and 6 months till I was completely clear. Again this is just my experiance yours may be different.
Hi. Well, Alesse did work for me when I first took it. I had a lot less acne when I took Alesse for 8 months.

But then the doctor switched me to the mini pill because of my headaches.
But the mini pills still gave me headaches so now I'm switching back to Alesse.

I've been on Alesse for 3 weeks now and haven't seen the results that I got before. Maybe I have to wait a bit longer?

And she gave me a generic brand of Alesse, so I don't know if it will work just as well as Alesse.

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