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Six years isn't that long, I was on for over 15. I'm sorry to hear about the liver thing, that really sucks! It's true what you've heard that you may not get a period for a few months. It depends on how regular you were before you started taking the pill. I was always like clockwork before being on the pill, so when I quit, I went right back to my regular schedule again. I had other withdrawal effects, though.

Things I experienced during the detox process (which can take a woman anywhere from a few weeks to a year) included breakouts on my back and face, daily headaches for at least 2 months, cramping for about a month, sore breasts, umm.... Some moodiness.... I can't remember what else. But after all of that worked itself out, I started feeling a lot better. Now it's been over a year and I'm feeling normal again for the first time since before I went on the pill.

My best advice to you is to expect the unexpected. Any strange withdrawal symptoms that you have are not that big of a deal. It may seem like they'll never go away, but they will eventually. Just stick it out and you'll see that you'll be really glad that you did. I have never once regretted my decision to quit. I'm so happy every single day at 9pm when I DON'T have to take that stupid little pill.

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