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I recommend checking out Planned Parenthood or your school's doctor. My college's health services offers birth control pills for about $30/month, which is less than some people pay at a doctor doctor without using insurance. NOT using insurance will make it so they won't find out, but if you use it, they will probably notice. Planned Parenthood usually has some lower price options for people not using insurance as well.

Yes, most places do require a pelvic exam with your pills. This you can probably do through your insurance, since it's recommended that all girls age 18 and up (some even younger) get their annuals done, even if you are not having sex. Your parents should not question this and should understand.

The pill has been great for me... I went on it before I was even having sex for my period because it was irregular and I would get very upset stomachs every time and be going home from school because of throwing up. I barely get cramps at all and I love being on the pill! Good luck with everything... I'm sure it will help you out a lot too!

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