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haha no no.. trust me i was the same way! my guy is my first too (our 8 month is today!) and i was the SAME way.. i still kinda am.. but more leaniant off now.. cuz when im on my Dark blue pills.. and i get cramps.. i know im gonna have my period when the last of them come around and my green pills start. trust me. i worried myself so much i almost threw up. just take them on time, dont miss any, and they will work perfectly. i remember when i was on my 2nd month taking them, and i poped my pill out, and it broke in half. i couldnt tell you what i felt. i texted my best friend Freaked out of my mind. and shes like .. just take it, you'll be fine...
a couple months later my friend stopped her bc (cuz her and her bf broke up) and she met a new guy and they did it before she got back on.. and she didnt get her period, and she took a test and it was positive. my god, ive never been more scared in all my life. lol. but it turns out she was late.. but she got her period, (she went to the dr. and she wasnt preggo after all) im still new to the sex thing too.. i know its a huge responcibility, and i wanna be prepared no matter what, so i talked to my dr. and got on BC.. and i couldnt be happier. i know the first couple months suck.. but it does get better.. break through bleeding and spotting is normal and it comes and goes. i will not have sex on my period i think its disgusting. lol. but my last period started with light spotting then went really heavy.. and i guess my period came as well.. god my cramps hurt.. and the flow was heavy. but its over now (thank god) and i start my white pill on sunday. so i'm on time. its nice to have women to relate to when it comes 2 this kinda stuff. it was awkward enugh telling my mom i have sex.. and im 24... lol but we can help eachother out along the way :)

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