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Hello Heckofagal,

I am 41 years old and have recently stopped the pill after about 20 years of use. The main reason I stopped was because I started to have heavy mid cycle bleeding and a weird pain and stretching / bloating sensation under my belly button. My doctor wanted to change my pill and said that the lining of my uterus had probably atrophied due to long term use of this particular pill. However, while this explained the irregular bleeding, it did not explain the weird pain sensations so I decided to stop the pill altogether. I also decided to go for an ultrasound and this is when they discovered my 7.5 cm simple cyst on my left ovary. After two months the cyst was still there even though I was off the pill. I am due to go again in February for an ultrasound and will let you know if there has been any change. As far as my irregular bleeding, it went away after I went off the pill and my periods were like clockwork immediately after I stopped. Eventually the pain sensations also disappeared although I do suffer painful ovulation sometimes (I think this is when I ovulate from my left side where the cyst is). My periods are actually LESS painful then when I was on the pill (go figure) and they are also shorter (!). I am hoping that in time my cyst will resolve on its own and that giving my body the time it needs to recover from all of those hormones for all of those years will help in the long run. I am not hypothyroid like you but my doctor had noted in the past few years that my thyroid looked more enlarged (my TSH had also started to increase but was still in the normal range). I am hoping that this will resolve in time as well.

I feel much better since going off the pill although I do have a bit of PMS (I get rather emotional) just before I start menstruating. I feel much less bloated overall (except during ovulation) and I did not even realize how bloated the pill made me feel until now (I had gotten used to it!). In general I feel that my body is improving and I am very glad I made the decision to go off the pill. Also, I have read that the slightly increased risk of breast cancer that comes with taking the pill wears off after ten years so by the age of 50, when my risk will be higher due to age, that increased breast cancer risk will be gone and I will have the same risk as any average 50 year old woman. I feel better about this as well.

I hope I have made you feel better about your decision.

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