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YAZ BC Question
Feb 4, 2008
Hi All.
I recently went back on BC, My dr put me on YAZ to try it out. I've been on it since November. I was fine in the first month, but now its February and i'm having some side effects. I just wanted to know if these were common or not.
1) Pain around my heart and tightness every once in a blue moon
2) Breakthrough bleeding(It is Common), BUT I am still spotting even after my period has ended which was last week.
2) Tired -Even with good night sleep
3) No sex drive whatsoever-only time I would is when i've had a few drinks, even then i really dont want ot be bothered with it.
4) Anxious-I've never felt that before.
Any advice or sharing some stories with these side effects on this BC would help. THanks

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