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[QUOTE=Ibycus;3428742]I have been on hormonal birth control of one form or another for 12 years now. I can't take the crying and mood swings, anxiety etc anymore. I made an appt to get the Paragard in two days. I have never had children.

After reading about women without children getting them inserted and how painful it is, I am terrified. I have not been sleeping and I have full blown panic attacks. Am I building it up too much in my head? Or is it really worth a life of condoms to avoid the pain?

Thanks! : ([/QUOTE]

Dear lbycus:

I won't lie to you; it is a little more uncomfortable than other IUDs. I just had A Paragard inserted last week. No fun for sure, but I'd definitely agree the pain is worth avoiding a life of condoms. It only hurts for a minute. As soon as it's done, the pain subsides. If you're really anxious about it, ask your doctor if you can have some sort of anesthetic. I've actually had doctors offer lidocaine (or some sort of numbing injection) before having IUDs inserted, but I refused figuring the injection itself will sting a bit, and by the time it takes effect the whole procedure would be over. All in all, it's quicker and FAR less painful than a visit to the dentist.

Like you, I couldn't take the nasty side-effects of synthetic hormones used in other contraceptives - i.e., birth control pills, Mirena. I had a Mirena for five years, and the ONLY thing good about it was no periods. In exchange, I had to live with severe PMS-like symptoms every single day - horrible moodiness, hypothyroid, chronic headaches, fatigue, nasty zits, and a mustache. I had the Mirena removed a month ago, and am finally beginning to feel like my old self again. Almost like waking up from a five-year sleepwalk with nightmares. I hope my thyroid isn't permanently fried, but we'll see.

Anyway, good luck with the Paragard. You'll do just fine.

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