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I put my Nuvaring in on January 20 and I took it out today (February 6). I should have removed it on Sunday (February 10), but I could not handle it anymore!!! So I am 4 days early on taking it out.... can anyone tell me when I should expect my period? Will it come early because I removed the ring or will it come next week, as "scheduled"?

The ring messed me up mentally. My mom noticed and she didn't know that i switched b.c. My brother noticed a change and he doesn't know I'm on b.c. My boyfriend noticed, and he knew about the change, and he mentioned that I went a little "crazy" about 3 weeks ago.

I loved not worrying about the pill, but the ring was hell for me. I'm gonna switch to Lo Orgestrel after my next period. Does anyone know anything about that pill? Does it keep your moods level and does it make you break out?

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