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Alright first I would like to admit that we were stupid and did not use a condom. See my girlfriend has been on birth control (Yaz) for about 3 months now. We recently haven't been using condoms every time and I usually just pull out. So we were having intercourse and I got a little "greedy". I went to pull out and think I might have came just a little inside her though I'm not sure if any at all got in. I did an online ovulation thing and she would currently be in her ovulation period now, though I suppose birth control is supposed to help prevent that process. She has missed taking it once, and it was just over 2 weeks ago. I called a nurse because I am worried (obviously) and she said we should be fine. I don't know if my girlfriend remembered to tell her this was supposedly her ovulation time, or how accurate that is considering her last period was induced from missing a pill. Do you think she should take the morning after pill? It's been 24 hours but I read that you can use it up to 72 hours after. Your advice is appreciated. Thanks.

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