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I was on Yasmin for 3.5 years, and it had such bad effects on me emotionally. I became very very short-tempered, moody, angry over the littlest things, overly emotional, and obsessive when it came to my relationship. I thought it was just me, so the last few times my boyfriend and I nearly broke up, I promised I would change and act better, but as time went by, it seemed that these emotions crept back up and were hard to control. Well finally it took another break-up to realize that I HAD to get off Yasmin. I stayed on it for so long because it was the best pill in terms of physical side effects--no weight gain and better for my skin (I've tried soo many other ones that had undesireable physical side effects but not so much emotional ones). Emotionally though I became so crazy and took it out on my boyfriend. I'd cry so much like never before and get obsessively annoyed/angry if he didn't call me back or didn't act a certain way, even though I knew he loved me. All this behavior essentially drove him away. I finally thought the pill could be to blame b/c I've never been this way with any other of my boyfriends before, so I researched and found out I could be right. I went to the doctor and she confirmed this can happen, but my boyf didn't seem to believe it at ALL and didn't think a silly pill could make me act this way! It's soo frustrating. Did anyone else get like this on Yasmin?

Anyway, the doctor gave me two options to try: Nuvaring and Mircette. I have both with me, so I just have to decide which one to try after I stop taking this Yasmin in a few days. Has anyone who had emotional side effects from Yasmin switched from Yasmin (or Yaz) to either of these, and if so, what kind of changes did you notice in your mood? Acne and weight? Any advice would be appreciated--this is probably the 10th pill I've been on, and I hate all this trial and error!

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