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I am feeling the exact same way as you are...don't mess with mother nature. I have some severe pain my entire life and NEVER wanted to be on BC. The doc. is asking me to stick it out for at least three months...I am on month one..on my second white period. But, this could be because I had a surgery four weeks ago. Anyway, my boobs are growing (most don't mind, I do, big enough) Like you said you did not want to buy looks like I might need to. Just more plump. Weight on scale same but body feels like it's changing. Flat tummy not so flat. But maybe if and when I have a period these things will change. I feel like i have my period, cramps, tired, weird tummy tingles..just no flow as of yet.

I am like you "naturalist" and don't think stopping your period or controlling the length is right. Let your body do what it needs!

Not sure if you should try or not. I am still researching. Keep you posted.

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