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hello folks!

so i've NEVER taken any birth control pills ever (with exception to plan B.) i'm kind of a "naturalist" when it comes to putting stuff in my body, especially if it's going to screw around with my hormone levels.

my boyfriend just mentioned to me that he heard about YAZ and was telling me all these great things about it (he wasn't pressuring me, but simply letting me know.) i've heard some good stuff too, but i usually just ignore it because i don't want to take anything "unnatural."

i'm starting to think it would be a good thing to take it... i mean, it would be nice to not have to worry each month if i'm going to get my period **knock on wood!** and with YAZ, the website says it's good for acne and pms symptoms (which i've heard is true for other BC pills.) my boyfriend also said he heard it's good for warding off immune killers like hpv (but i've taken gardisil for that, so i'm not so worried for that!)

in any case, i'm curious what other people have to say about YAZ or BC in general.... i've heard it reduced your risk of breast cancer but increases your risk of ovarian (the latter of which is in my family....) i'm also worried about the weight gain part (don't wanna buy new jeans!) and the fact that i'll be "dependent" on it. i'm also worried about how much it will cost.

any info anyone can offer would be very helpful :angel:

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