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i am currently taking yaz and i have been on it for about two years. i'm usually really good about taking my pills on time and usually wouldn't mess with them. but i am going to see my boyfriend across the country in a week and a half and was supposed to be on my period that entire week. so i stopped taking my pills on wednesday and i was in the second week of pills. it's been 4 days without the pill (as of today). i started my period two days ago...should i start a new pack tonight then? (i usually take them at night) or should i let my period finish and restart them next sunday instead of tonight? this has happened once before on accident and i didn't have any problems. it pretty much rescheduled my period so that's why i chose to do this. (i knew i would start my period about two days after i stopped the pills) i'm just not sure when to restart the pills...and if 7 days is long enough to be taking the pills and not get pregnant. any advice would be great.

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