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Hi everyone...I'm a new user with just a quick question...

I took Lutera last month and this month my pharmacy gave me Aviane (sp?) instead. I took Lutera, as mentioned, then started taking Aviane right after finishing my first pack of Lutera (back to back so as to not get my period).

1. Am I covered from that switch? I'm already about to start my 3rd week of Aviane but just thought of this now and I'm super scared I could've been unprotected. (I have a 6 month old baby already and my dh is super paranoid I'm pregnant! lol)

2. Last night I overate and threw up within around 2 hours of taking my pill. Should I take a double pill tonight (I already took my pill as usual at 10:15 though) to be extra covered?

3. Since I'm worrying so much, is it just best to stop taking the pill for now so that I can get my period.


Ok, edit: I just took tomorrow's pill out of fear last night's pill wasn't good. I think I should just let my period come and start the placebo pills tomorrow night. Thoughts?

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